Crossroads for Humanity

We are at a crossroads for humanity at this time. We have too much knowledge now about the violence of the past, the wars that solved little, and the countless losses suffered that served almost no purpose. Humanity is at a place where we cannot deny the truth of peace, and how it must descend upon all people everywhere. It cannot be justified that peace is only the experience of the wealthy, who enjoy the rich bounty of joy and easeful living while the multitudes suffer catastrophic wars and violence without end. Yet the obstacle to peace has been the belief that other things are more important than prserving life — plundering the earth’s natural resources, hording money, maintaining extravagance that benefits the few while damaging the many. The world has taught its values — wealth, fame, status, property — while the spirit teaches us of those things which are everlasting: love, charity, compassion. Note how those things of the spirit are far less tangible than the objects of the world — they can’t be touched, but nor can they be destroyed. Yet they persist beyond the body, for the spirit itself is what persists when all things come to an end.

We have been taught to live in fear, and that there are those who say they will protect us from myriad dangers coming from every direction. But life was not meant to be lived in fear. Does not Scripture say, “Fear Not” ? We have trusted with our eyes and our senses, though we have not trusted with our souls and spirit. Yet, for peace to descend upon the planet, we must also each rise up and take our place in the glory of Life, not as bodies that need protection from danger, but as spirits realizing our true purpose.

Peace, like love, like charity, is something that seems insubstantial. Can you touch peace the way you can a blade of grass? Can you see peace the way you can see the sky? Can you hear peace, the way you can hear a birdsong? Yet, we know with Peace is every blade of grass a glory of creation, the sky a wonder to behold, the birdsong the most beautiful melody ever heard.  We do not know peace, because we haven’t known ourselves. Spiritual teachers through the ages have taught us to go within, to find peace, serenity, and joy. How simple and yet how difficult it is to go within for a minute, or five minutes, or even twenty minutes. We are told if we went in, everything would change. But we don’t believe it, it seems too simple. Or maybe we do believe it, and we are afraid of finding something we didn’t expect, or a part of ourselves we have long covered up. Aren’t the distractions of the world just avenues to escape learning about our true selves? And why do we think that peace could be anywhere but within us? We know, that once enough people find their spiritual truths, the world will change completely. Yet, this is not the message we hear loudest in our world — we hear the voices that beckon us to make more money, get a better car, buy a bigger house — these voices that declare that only wealth and status create happiness, forgetting that if we are offspring of an abundant creator, we too must be infinitely abundant as the One who created us our status guaranteed.

The crossroads for humanity isn’t about the next treaty to be signed, the next politician who pledges laying down weapons of mass violence, or the next summit joined together to negotiate peace.  The crossroads is about individuals making a choice in their current lives to seek the peace within and to share it with the world. It cannot happen any other way. Maybe it was not meant to.

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