Connecting with Peace in a World at War

Peace is not about external circumstances or realities. There really isn’t anything external anyway–there is only us, our thoughts, our experiences, and our interpretations of those experiences. The world has led us to believe that for peace to hold certain circumstances must be in place. A treaty must be signed in which all the signers agree to its terms and never break it. But isn’t it a mockery of peace that it depends on a signed document for its existence? Isn’t peace a deeper reality than that?

War in the world, whether large or small, can shatter one’s faith and hope in peace. Yet, let us remember our larger purpose. It is to connect with the peaceful place within us that cannot be shattered. For peace is a home within ourselves always inviting us back; we can open the door and crawl within its safe boundaries. War can only pull us out of our safety net, the moment we believe that war can destroy the peace within us. Yet, it cannot. Only our lack of faith can shatter the peace within us. It is not easy to hold to this peace, but to stay faithful to it may be an accomplishment worthy of the medals and honors handed out to soldiers of war. For when we see that peace is not dependent on any external reality, but a reality within ourselves that we can and must embrace, then we will be walking in a light that will be a beacon for others to follow. That is how peace will spread. Not through treaties, but through silent witnesses to its quiet yet undeniable grandeur.

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